Concrete Flooring, Slabs & Power Floating

Trell Contractors has 40 years experience of concrete floor slab installation and power floating.

625Concrete floor slab installation and power floating is an essential element of the civil engineering groundworks carried out for industrial fabrications and agricultural buildings in Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia.

Concrete floor slabs are prepared with steel reinforcement, steel fibres or poly fibres, and can be completed using laser screed and power floating for a perfectly flat, premium finish.

Laser Screed

Laser Screed is the latest development in high-specification, super flat flooring. Laser screed distributes and levels the concrete in one operation, allowing concrete placement of 2500 sqm plus per day which reduces labour charges and cuts costs.

An auger cuts to the desired grade and removes excess concrete. Fast, laser-guided hydraulics result in tight tolerances and flatness.


After the concrete surface has been made level the floor can be finished with power floating pro-seal to ensure a super smooth, premium quality finish. Using the latest ride-on power floats, vast areas can be completed in a day in conjunction with laser screed.

Watch the Masterscreed In Action

Directors: B.S. Mower S.B. Mower